‘The World in Your Hand. On the Everyday Global Culture of the Mobile Phone’ by Miya Yoshida

Finally I got to meet Miya Yoshida in person today! I have followed her work for many years and we have been in touch via email, but somehow kept missing each other at conferences. We connected at ‘‘Reconfiguring Radio’ in Copenhagen.

I was so happy to see her – and her new book ‘The World in Your Hand. On the Everyday Global Culture of the Mobile Phone’! This book came out of an exhibition is Dresden.

You can order her  book  here.

This is more information about this edited volume:

Over the past decades, almost no other technological innovation has been able to find such widespread dissemination so easily, or so rapidly, nor take such all-embracing possession of our daily lives, as the portable telephone. As camera, Walkman, organizer, navigating device, and post box for private and business messages, the mobile phone does not only represent a connection to the world for the affluent parts of the planet the cell phone conquers public urban spaces as well commercial ones and dissolves previous borders between them. Its use causes fundamental shifts in cultural codes and intervenes in social textures. Mit Beiträgen aus Kultur- und Medienwissenschaften, Philosophie, Soziologie und Kunst / With essays from the fields of cultural and media studies,philosophy, sociology and art: Olaf Arndt, Günter Burkart,Kenichi Fujimoto, Dominic Johnson,Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Sadie Plant,Paul Feigelfeld & Jan Wenzel, Miya Yoshida


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