Sounding out the quantative & visual world of ‘Future Internet and Society’

I was attending the ESF-COST High-Level Research Conference ‘Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems Perspective‘ last week I can tell you that I haven’t seen to many visualisations, graphs and algorithms in a very long time…
I gave a poster presentation on ‘Mobile Internet: The role of sound for interactions with networked and urban space’ and also represented ‘my’ COST IC0601 Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID).

Despite the heavy visual and quantitative focus there were of course some interesting projects that I would love to see explored in the sonic context:
Ciro Cattuto from the Complex Networks and Systems Group and ISI Foundation in Italy presented ‘Weaving on-line connections on real-world interactions’,

Harith Alani from the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) at The Open University (UK) talked about ‘Semantics, sensors, and the social web’,

Noshir Contractor from Northwestern University in the US gave a talk on ‘Network science meets web science: The emergence of multidimensional networks’,

Guenther Sagl (Research Studios Austria and Studio iSPACE in Austria) presented ‘Large-scale collective fluctuations: Human dynamics seen by a cellular network’,

Andrea Scharnhorst from the Virtual Knowledge Studio at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences talked about  ‘Web science or Web research? Changing practices in the social sciences and humanities’

and Fabrizio Sestini from the European Commission presented the upcoming call ‘Internet Science’ that encourages interdisciplinary networks of excellence to apply.

I’ll share a few of my notes on each of these presentations in the following posts.
Some of the non-scientific highlights of the conference included iPads as torches for night walks to the beach (swimming and spotting star constellations); a walk around the interesting neighbourhood of Naples train station with newly-met colleagues (culminating in a well-deserved gelato); swimming, cliff-diving and caving around the local bay; a trip to Maratea; the sound of waves during the nights; the spectacular thunder storm; and of course the football match against the hotel staff. But rest assured – we spent most of the time in the ‘cave‘ of the hotel, ‘illuminated’ by a projector and listening to the many presentations.

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