Sound Pairs, Music adjusting to your jogging pace, Sonified Social Networks and more at Haptic Audio Interaction Design 2010

Last week I attended part of the Haptic Audio Interaction Design 2010 (HAID) workshop and these are some of the interesting projects and papers I experienced:

A Master’s student project (please send me her name if you know it  – I lost her card!) that impressed me was this set of memory games: ‘tactile pairs’ and ‘sound pairs’ where you play this traditionally visual game with a focus on touch or sound.

D-Jogger: a multimodal music interface for music selection based on user step frequency by Bart Moens, Leon Van Noorden, and Marc Leman

Sonifying Social Networks: Maintaining an Overview of Online Activities by Tilman Dingler and Stephen Brewster

The Effect of Haptic Feedback in Vocal Sketching Experiments with a Graspable Interface by Koray Tahiroglu and Teemu Ahmaniemi

Also, Davide Rocchesso‘s keynote ‘One Pushes, All Hear: Sonic Interaction Design is Social’ was very interesting and a god summary of many SID activities.

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