Festival: CITY SONIC in Belgium

This festival called City Sonic sounds interesting. It takes place 27 August to  12 September 2010 in Mons (Belgium).

Their website reads:

The 8th edition of the sound art festival  CITY SONIC, organised by TRANSCULTURES, is scheduled from August 27 to September 12 in Mons (Belgium), with a circuit of sonic/interdisciplinary  art works in the centre of the city. From the 3rd to the 18thof September at ISELP (Insitute of research for visual arts) in Brussels with the exhibition Sonopoetics (from word to image, from poetry to sound).

City Sonic was launched in 2003 by Transcultures (Centre for electronic and sound cultures) together with the city of Mons, and is a special event dedicated to innovative/sonic/artistic approaches. Featuring a poetic itinerary inter-multidisciplinary works  (sound, video, plastic arts, architecture, digital arts …) in the heart of this nice Wallonia city. The sound circuit features installations, lounge rooms and performances in 5 locations starting from the Grand Place. About 50 artists are taking part in City Sonic#8  : Diane Landry (Québec) with Flying school (automation umbrellas with motor-cycle accordions)Laura Colmenares et Todor Todoroff, with Lungs [the breather], (a pool of virtual jellyfish and sounds created by the breath of the visitors), Binary waves by Brussels multimedia architectsLab[au], 2*540 KHZ (looping compositions transmitted by radio-transmitters and played by several tube-radios) by Mika Vanio ( Pan Sonic), MU, sound artists linking Paris, Mons and Tunis wih geolocalisation device  Sound Delta at Grand Placeor Musicomaton (interactive sound booth) by Brussels duet Anteloop.

During the opening night of the festival on August 27, Todor Todoroff (Brussels electronic music composer) and Dominica Eyckmans (viola, dance) will premiere Dances with viola, at Théâtre Royal, an interactive piece mixing dance, electronic music and interactivity. It will be followed by Livescape (Mons) ,an audio-bio-visualconcert using invented wood instruments, sonic salads and chickens.

City Sonic also offers sound art workshops for the youngsters (« Sonic Kids » – Sept. 11th ), acoustic performances and poetry readings in private gardens (Sonic garden party – Sept. 5th) in collaboration with Festival Cap Sonic organised by Le manège.mons. This edition will also present installations and performances by young Tunisan artists in the framework of the European project E-FEST (co-organisers Echos electrik, Transcultures, Gummi Gumi, Goethe Institut in Tunis); a double CD Essmaa(field recordings by Aymeric de Tapol treated by Leafcutter John, DJ Olive, Scanner, Christophe Bailleau, Lodz, Discipline, DJ Elephant Power, Paradise Now and many more) is released on the French label Tsuku Boshi, with an outdoor closing event of the festival called Essmaa live sessions (Sept 12th).

This Summer, City Sonic is also part of Diagonales: sound, vibration and music in the collection of the National Centre National of plastic arts, a nomadic event (in various art centres, museums.. in France and in the Benelux). In Mons, the theme for Diagonales is the relation between rock culture and sonic plastic arts featuring major works by Christian Marclay (Guitar drag video, sleeves collage,..), Steven Parrino, Raymond Pettibon (drawings), William Eggleston (Gracelandportfolio), Robin Collyer, Malachi Farrell (interactive installation), Pipilotti Rist and Sadie Benning’ (Le Tigre) music and post feminist videos.

City Sonic#8 also in Brussels

Also in the framework of City Sonic and Diagonales, City Sonic presents an exhibition on sound poetry Sonopoetics (from word to image, from poetry to sound) at Institut Supérieur du Langage Plastique (ISELP) in Brussels, from 3 to 18 September 2010. It features major works (collages, scores, mixed paintings,…) by Bernard Heidsieck (a selection of scores, vinyls, collages,…), Henri Chopin (pionners of «poésie sonore» in France),  Maurice Lemaître, Gil Joseph Wolman (associated to the lettrisme avant-garde in the 50’s), John Giorno (New York pop poet, with a series of drawings) and Brion Gysin (painter, writer, sound poet, and performance artist, collaborator of William S. Burroughs) and an installation/tribute to Henri Chopin by young British artist Tris Vonna-Michell.

Sonopoeticsalso present sound pieces (with new mixes of sound poetry pieces by labels Erratum, Sub Rosa, Frank Smith/Atelier de Création Sonore-France Culture and artist/critic Jacques Donguy) and archival videos by Brion Gysin (live with French musician Ramuntcho Matta in the 80s) and Hanzel & Gretzel (featuring Lee Renaldo/Sonic Youth, Gerard Malanga, Ira Cohen,…), a lecture by French artist/critic Jacques Dongy on sound/digital poetry and a film on Bernard Heidsieck by Françoise Janicot (Carrefour de la chaussée d’Antin – 1972) on September 8th,.

Radio Sonic

City Sonic will also have its own web radio Radio Sonic (in collaboration with Radio Campus, Brussels)  featuring special interviews, sound pieces, jingles..by artists invited in Mons, 24h live from 25 to 27th of  August and also later on www.citysonic.be.


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