Call: MAPPING, MEMORY AND THE CITY. University of Liverpool, 25-26 February 2010

This call looks very interesting. There is no specific address to sound and music, but this perspective would be very relevant for this focus on “Mapping, Memory and the City”. I’m hoping to see some sound and mobile media submissions.

An International Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Liverpool, 25-26 February 2010
School of Architecture / School of Politics and Communication Studies


This conference invites a re-evaluation of the role of maps and mapping practices in cultural explorations of urban space and memory. We invite contributions from across a broad interdisciplinary field, drawing together scholars and practitioners working in film and cultural studies, architecture, geography, urban studies, as well as those with interests in social and cultural memory, archival practice and urban heritage. Of special interest are contributions addressing the role of film and film historiography in relation to place, landscape and urban memory. Scholars, filmmakers and designers engaged in all forms of moving image practice are particularly encouraged to submit proposals relevant to the conference theme. While the trope of ‘mapping’ has remained a prominent fixture in the lexicon of recent cultural criticism and debate, studies which seek to go beyond exclusively metaphorical applications of maps and mapping, and which engage more actively with cartographic practices and resources (such as, for example, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology) remain comparatively under-developed. This conference will draw on current developments in this and other areas of research and practice. Suggested themes include:

* GIS & digital mapping in urban cultural studies
* Psychogeography, memory and urban form
* Cinematic and moving image cartographies
* Digital cartography and architectural and urban design practice
* Landscape and memory in amateur film practice
* Maps, memory and pedagogic practice
* Maps, memory and archival practice
* Movie Mapping: film, place-marketing and urban tourism
* Movie Mapping for architecture and urban design
* Urban geographies of film production
* Mapping audience and film reception

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Professor Robert C. Allen,  Department of History, University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill
Professor Mark Neumann, School of Communication, Northern Arizona University

For enquiries and further details contact Dr Les Roberts
( or Dr Ryan Shand
( Please submit proposals for papers (300 words
maximum) by e-mail to . We also welcome
proposals for panels and exhibits.

Initial deadline for paper proposals:                            30 June 2009
Deadline for panel and exhibit proposals:                   30 June 2009
Final deadline for paper proposals:                              15 September 2009
Notification of acceptance:                                         October 2009
Date for Registration:                                                  December 2009
Final submission deadline for full papers:                   7 January 2010

* A full programme of screenings, social events and city visits will
be included in the conference programme.
*  Information on booking and registration will be posted to the
website shortly:
* Selected papers and abstracts will be published in the conference

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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