Call: Community Practices and Locative Media. Workshop at MobileHCI 2009

And another call for papers that might be of interest to the community:

Community Practices and Locative Media
Workshop at MobileHCI 2009, Bonn, Germany
15th September 2009

There have been many developments in the design of applications of locative media in urban settings, such as LBS, location-based gaming and mobile social software applications but little which investigates the use and integration of such media within existing community structures and practices. The workshop will address the dual challenge of capturing the temporary and spatially changeful nature of behaviours with locative media, as well as responding to the intricate web of strong and weak social ties that make up local social networks, in order to find ways to support community practices. In terms of methodology it will focus on the potential of ethnographic approaches for investigating and evaluating the integration of media in these social settings.

Workshop Aims
•    How can mobile media be located within existing communities and social settings?
•    How can we find better ways of enabling and supporting locative media in community practices?
•    How can mobile media foster communities and facilitate daily living, such as for communities in rural areas or the elderly?
•    How can ethnographic methods inform and evaluate the place and integration of media in community settings?

We welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners from a diverse range of fields such as HCI, media, anthropology, sociology and urban studies. Selection of workshop participants will be based on refereed submissions. It is our aim to publish and document the outcomes of the workshop.

Submissions should have a length of 3- 4 pages and be formatted using the MobileHCI 2009 proceedings format. We accept full papers, position papers, work-in-progress or blue-sky thinking.

Submissions and questions:

Important Dates:
4th May 2009: Position papers due.
18th May 2009: Acceptance notifications.
15th September 2009: Workshop.

Katharine S. Willis, Claudia Mueller, Pablo Abend, Cornelius Neufeldt -University of Siegen
Keith Cheverst- University of Lancaster

Program Committee:
Areti Galani – University of Glasgow
Marcus Foth – Queensland University of Technology
Heather Horst – University of California
Jesper Kjeldskov – Aalborg University
Kari Kuutti – University of Oulu
Eric Laurier- University of Edinburgh
Mark Perry – Brunel University
Jenni Paay – Aalborg University
Volkmar Piepek – Unversity of Siegen
Dave Randall – Manchester Metropolitan University
Andrea Taylor – Distance Lab
Nick Taylor – University of Lancaster
Volker Wulf – Unversity of Siegen

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