Lonely Velcro Sound

I love the sound of velcro and mentioned this in the sonic interaction design workshop I ran recently with Lalya Gaye and Karmen Franinovic. One of the great workshop participants, Mie Nørgaard, sent me this velcro project link today (Thank you!). It is not exactly a mobile sound project but a great idea anyway. And if you think about the mobility of the jackets and the sounds they make when attaching or being separated…as a group performance…maybe it is mobile sound project after all…

From Yanko Design Website:

The Bored Jacket
Takkiainen is a jacket for lonely or bored people. It is designed to help the wearer to get in contact with others. Since we brush against each other every day as we move around in the city, we can use our clothes as a medium for meeting people and communicating with them. The jacket is made out of Velcro strips of different widths that have been sewn together side by side to form alternating hook and pile stripes. When these materials touch each other, they grab onto each other. The lonely user can be happily connected with other loners simply by walking around in the jacket. Even babies can be attached to their parents.

Designer: Aamu Song & Johan Olin


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