Urban and mobile music/sound panel

Music, Sound and the Reconfiguration of Public and Private Space Conference continued:
The first panel was closest to my heart, and after the “mobile sound” panel at the Sound Art conference in Copenhagen in November 2007, (whose organisers Soren Muller-Sorenson and Brendon LaBelle were also there) this panel themed “Urban and mobile music/sound” is another indicator if the (finally) growing scholarly attention to mobile sound in the Humanities.

The discussant of this “Urban and moble music/sound” session, Bryan Dueck (Open University) stressed the role of mobile technology and music/sound in the domestication of the unruliness of urban space. He pointed out some continuities and historic background of mobile music/sound, e.g. musical instruments. Dueck talked about the way we attune ourselves to the public and the ways music and sound enable use to create networks of intimacy.
I was struck by the way all these presentations around mobile/music and sound focused on individual listening, and how all the other facets of mobile music that we have been discussing at the mobile music workshop series over the last five years, did not feature. Taking advantage of the urban context, using the social context, sharing and making music, for example, need to be more in the focus of the humanities research into mobile sound/music.
Also, the networked aspect is still very much divided from the mobile context, it takes place at home, on computers. Whereas most projects presented at the mobile music workshop seem to be one step ahead, working with both digital and geographical space at the smae time via music and sound.


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