Jo Tacchi “Affective Rhythms”

Music, Sound and the Reconfiguration of Public and Private Space Conference continued:

Tacchi’s talk was about the domestic soundscape and the affective; using case studies of radio listeners, showing how relationships and social life are related to listening to music, talking about it and exchanging it. Her focus is on the social and cultural context and the embeddedness of music as creative act in these contexts.
Tacchi suggests to examine “emotion discourses” as social discourses to examine the link between affect and the social in music. The affective dimension is usually studied in connection to the reflexive self, but not in connection to the social.
Rhythm is another focus of her talk: it is always temporal, it can be regular or irregular; radio schedules tend to be fixed whereas emotions tend to be non-periodic. Routines tend to have a rhythm, and movement as well. Her case studies show that specific radio stations are often chosen to provide an “affective rhythm”, one of the key concept in this talk. Routine is regarded as a link between the affective and everyday structures.
In conclusion, Tacchi states that time and culture are mediated by rhythm, and rhythm allows us to move through time in meaningful and feelingful ways.

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