David Toop “Hauntings and Soundings of ‘The Eavesdropper’”

Music, Sound and the Reconfiguration of Public and Private Space Conference continued:

David Toop gave a paper entitled “Hauntings and Soundings of ‘The Eavesdropper’”.

The main focus of his talk was s very personal account of looking at pictures of Dutch 17th century painters, and how he imagines the sounds of the scenes depicted. Toop explains that the depiction of sounds and music in pictures appreared once the depiction of space (perspective) was mastered. He focusses on the way these painted, imagined sounds cross the bounderies between public and private spaces. For me, this talk was more fascinating in what it said about the author, the listener than about the actual pictures. The freedom to attend to the detials of the pictures, the close attention, the way Toop imagines the sounds were a beautiful mediation on listening.
I liked Toop’s phrase “digital slime” for describing the scale of surveillance, google street views, CCTV, invasions into privacy.

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