Call: Solving the tensions between musicians and technology

Check out this Integra call for their closing event in June 2008; especially the sections “Using technology to engage and interact with new audiences” in conjunction with “Creating interactive environments for performers” might be relevant for some mobile sound/music projects. Quite a few interactive/mobile music/sound projects have originated from the involved institutions in the past.

Integra 2008 Festival and Conference
“Solving the tensions between musicians and technology”
Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham, UK 5-7 June 2008

The organisers of Integra 2008 invite artistic directors, researchers, composers and performers to participate in the Festival and Conference. Integra 2008 is the closing event of “Integra – A European Composition and Performance Environment for Sharing Live Music Technologies”, a 3-year EU-funded project led by Birmingham Conservatoire inthe UK.
We welcome presentations on the following topics:

* Issues in programming concerts with live electronic music.
* Using technology to engage and interact with new audiences.
* Developing new formats for presenting mixed media works.
* Designing interfaces for live electronic music.
* Creating interactive environments for performers.
* Integrating technology into the creative process.
* Modernising works that use obsolete technologies.
* Developing new models for transfer and storage of performance data.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 2nd May 2008.
Please see the website for submission information and registering

Keynote speakers:

Thierry Coduys, Music technology entrepreneur (France). Luca Francesconi, Composer, Professor of Composition at Malm? Academy of Music and Director of the Music Section of the Venice Biennale (Italy).


The programme of the conference includes six high profile concerts by professional new music ensembles from across Europe: Ars Nova (Sweden), Athelas Sinfonietta (Denmark), BCMG (UK), BIT20 Ensemble (Norway) and Court-Circuit (France) presenting exciting premieres of mixed media works commissioned by Integra and a selection of pieces using obsolete technology transferred by Integra. BEAST, the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre, and capsule, local promoters of experimental new music, will also take part in the Festival.


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