Call: Mobile Sound Art Travelling on Rivers

Check out for ‘ a mobile project on the Danube & Rhine Rivers focusing on radio-art using sounds of European cities. Two teams will be travelling on both rivers this summer, recording sounds, producing live performances and radio broadcasts with local sound-artists. A final exhibition is scheduled in Strasbourg-F by the end of September 2008 as part of

International sound artists are invited to apply with a project meant to be created on one of the trans-European floating labs.

Main Objectives:
–> To give young people the experience of a professional mobile
–> A documentary artistic research on cultural identities of
European cities
–> Built a new european network in the field of sound art
–> Experiment ICT via innovative artistic practices

Participating countries:
–> Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany,
Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia & Slovakia

Associated curators:
Val?rie Vivancos ( and Joachim Montessuis (

Participating artists & residents (list not closed) :
Aymeric De Tapol, Tonic Train, Dinahbird, Jopo Stereo, SIC: Hori Cosmin Samo?l, Ewen Chardronnet, Alejandra Perez Nunez, Julien Ottavi, Chris Watson, Vincent Epplay, Alejandra & Aeron, Robert Hampson, Kassel Jaeger, AGF, J?rg Piringer, Yannick Dauby, Christian Zanesi, Phil Niblock, Charlemagne Palestine, Jean-Philippe Roux, Ga?l Segalen, Philip Griffiths, Joachim Montessuis

Full project Description & Application Form :

Their website gives some more detail in one of the pdfs:

This investigation is designed to study the audio characteristics of the public space (ambient sounds, languages, music), from a
sample of European cities, in order to compose a musical piece made of these multiple identities. A gathering of European sound
art practitioners, meant to prefigure an original network of cultural cooperation, conveys the project. Another purpose of the
scheme is to make young people from underprivileged areas more aware of a possible mobility and to initiate them to the
sound art techniques. The artists will try and generate new creative processes through the integration of the latest information
and communication technologies. As for the public space, it will be the focus of attention: the prime research ground for artists
and a display site for their work.
The project operates on a singular mode. Two teams will simultaneously navigate upstream on the Rhine and Danube, departing
from their estuaries. They’ll use various ways of navigation. Equipments and crews including guest sound artists and interns
will all be on board, together with the production and teaching teams from the three collective organisers: The Romanian «
RoKolectiv », the Bulgarian « Student Computer Art Society » and the French « MU. » A special meeting, THE BRIDGE, will simultaneously
take place at the border of the eastern Danube and on the Rhine estuary the first days of the travel. The conception and production
of this event results from a close collaboration between coorganisers.

The multicultural teams will stop regularly in the towns and cities bordering the rivers. Many opportunities will thus be created to
explore and record, but also to display the collective productions. These will be generated on board from a pool of field recordings
collected in previously visited cities. The sound recording work, the workshops, the concerts and in situ performances will facilitate
an encounter with local citizens from some twenty cities and 11 countries. The use of radio devices and the dynamics of a website
is also central to the project. The audio material, collected and transformed by the participants, will be broadcast daily via both
medias. The city of Strasbourg is the final destination, meant to be reached by both creative studio-boats. There, an exceptional
sound installation will be displayed above the river Rhine in the « Jardin des Deux Rives, » (two riverbanks garden) a symbolic location
shared by France and Germany.

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