Austrian Mobile Music Pictures

Last Thursday (7th February 2008) I was invited to the 1st Austrian Mobile Music Day, organised by Prof. Gerhard Gensch, Lisa Leitich and Claudia Kittinger, Center for Contemporary Music, Department for Arts and Management, Danube University, Krems (Austria). Here are some pictures form the event.

Dagmar Hoffmann (University of Krems, Münster, Potsdam) , Tim Renner (Motor Music) , Michael Schaefberger (tfactory)

Some of the (blurred) Audience

I gave an invited lecture on “Mobile Music: Experimentelle Interaktionen mit sozialen Netzen und urbanem Raum” (“Mobile Music: Experimental Interactions with social networks and urban space”). See also

Krems Campus.

Fabian Stilke (Universal Austria), Hannes Harborth (Digitalsunray) and Gerd Leonhard (Music&Media Futurist)

For more pictures see my flickr page.

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