Finally: Sound Moves

My supervisior’s book is finally out, just in time for Christmas!

Sound Moves. ipod Culture and Urban Experience” by Michael Bull, Routledge

This is from Routledge’s website:

About the Book

This innovative study opens up a new area in sociological and urban studies: the aural experience of the social, mediated through mobile technologies of communication.

Whilst we live in a world dominated by visual epistemologies of urban experience, Michael Bull argues that it is not surprising that the Apple iPod, a sound based technology, is the first consumer cultural icon of the twenty-first century. This book, in using the example of the Apple iPod, investigates the way in which we use sound to construct key areas of our daily lives. The author argues that the Apple iPod acts as an urban Sherpa for many of its users and in doing so joins the mobile army of technologies that many of us habitually use to accompany our daily lives.

Through our use of such mobile and largely sound based devices, the book demonstrates how and why the spaces of the city are being transformed right in front of our ears.

Table of Contents

1. Sound Moves, iPod Culture and Urban Experience: An Introduction 2. Sound Epistemologies: Strategies and Technologies 3. Sounding Out Cosmopolitanism: iPod Culture and Regognition 4. The Audio-Visual iPod: Aesthetics and the City 5. Interpersonal Sound Strategies and iPod Culture 6. Mobilization of the Social: Mobile Phones and iPods 7. Contextualizing the Senses: The Auditory World of Automobility 8. The Auditory Privatisation of the Workplace 9. Bergson’s iPod?: The Cognitive Management of Everyday Life 10. The Nostalgia of iPod Culture 11. Sound Timings and iPod Culture 12. Endnote: Sound Mediations

About the Author(s)

Michael Bull is Reader in Media and Film Studies at the University of Sussex.


2 responses to “Finally: Sound Moves

  1. this book looks really interesting!
    one thought, though: was it necessary to refer precisely to A**** iP** instead of using a more generic term such as ‘portable mp3 player’? the brand appears three times in the book summary, how many times into the book? how many times will this summary be traced on the net?
    i can’t help being suspicious about that…

  2. Dear Etienne

    The reason for the reference to ipod rather than MP3 was at the time of the initial research – iPods were the dominant brand. I’d also been bitten by Sony in my previous book on personal stereos – sounding out the city. Initially I had used the generic name Walkman but Sony had threatened to sue as they owned the trademarked name . I had to go through the whole book taking walkman out of it! So for this book I only spoke to ipod users so if Apple came back to me I could say that I only spoke to iPod users!
    So nothing untoward – when i did the research I had loads of emails from Mac haters saying what was i doing promoting such a product!


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