“Sound Aesthetics, Soundscapes, and Acoustemology” by Lønstrup

Ansa Lønstrup gave her paper “Sound Aesthetics, Soundscapes, and Acoustemology” at the “Sound, Art, Auditory Cultures” conference in Copenhagen (28.-30.11.07). These are personal notes I took of her paper – not a summary or review.

Ansa Lønstrup (University of Aarhus, DK) is interested in sound in museums, how we cope with soundscapes in general and in sound perception in everyday lives. Lønstrup noted how the ear is often conceptualised as avant-garde of the body in recent discourses.

Her recent research project is looking at sound in the museum. She suggests that the action of listening enables us to cope with unlimited sound and discusses sound as a modality of knowing and being in the world. For me the most interesting aspect of Lonstrup’s research was her focus on agency studies.

In Mori’s exhibition “Oneness”, picture from http://www.interactivespaces.net/

Lonstrup is studying on how the audience moves in in the museum space and pays attention to the interactive gestures of the audience. One of her case studies is Mariko Mori’s exhibition “Oneness”at the ARoS art museum in Aarhus.

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