Sound Studies Lectures

At next week’s ECREA Digital Culture & Communication (DCC) Section Workshop, Holger Schulze (Sound Studies, University of the Arts Berlin, Germany) will give a presentation on ‘Experiencing Medialised Senses: On the Tectonics of Media’ in the session ‘Sounds & Senses’ where I will also present (Frauke Behrendt, University of Sussex, UK ‘Mobile Sonic Experience: Methodological Concerns’) and I’m really looking forward to this (full program below).

Picture by pshab on Flickr.

And lucky me, it seems to be ‘Sound Studies November’ for me as I’ll also get to hear Sabine Breitsameter from ‘Sound Studies’ in Berlin as she’s giving a keynote lecture on “Sound Experiences, Sound Culture, Sound Studies” at the “Sound, Art, Auditory Cultures” conference in Copenhagen (28.-30.11.07). I’ll present some of my research there as well, and the full program is online now. The postgraduate degree ‘Sound Studies’ in Berlin (were Holger Schulze and Sabine Breitsameter are professors) offers a refreshing, critical, theoretical and creative perspective on sound:

‘Simply to promulgate the euphoric praises heaped upon the role of sound and listening in newspaper articles and popular journals over the last twenty years – that would be too shortsighted. What really interests us is a fundamental change in the attitude towards the design of our surroundings.
We would reformulate the question “How should we design our environment?” as: Are we aware of the impact that our design, technology, creative decisions and theoretical approach will have on the listening experiences of coming decades and centuries in our media-saturated, artificialized environments?’

This is from their English information ‘What are Sound Studies? Introducing a new and yet old discipline’ by Prof. Dr. Holger Schulze.

But now back to the ECREA Workshop and program details:

ECREA Digital Culture & Communication (DCC) Section Workshop

1.-3. November 2007 @ University of Sussex
Supported by the Centre for Material Digital Culture, University of Sussex

All welcome to attend. Please register with Vanessa Sammut for full programme.

Charges: £35 to cover refreshments, coffee and reception. £10 for one day.


Thursday, 1st of November


Caroline Bassett, University of Sussex, UK
After Convergence?: What Connects?

Session 1: Methodologies (Chair/discussant Irmi Karl, University of
Brighton, UK)

16:30-18:30 Maren Hartmann, University of the Arts Berlin, Germany
Ethnographies as dangerous tools

Adolfo Estalella, Elisenda Ardèvol, Edgar Gómez, Universitat Oberta de
Catalunya, Spain
Media as practice: Introducing symmetry in Internet ethnographies

Friday, 2nd of November

Session 2: Sounds & Senses (Chair: Kate Lacey, University of Sussex, UK)

Frauke Behrendt, University of Sussex, UK
Mobile Sonic Experience: Methodological Concerns

Holger Schulze, University of the Arts Berlin, Germany
Experiencing Medialised Senses: On the Tectonics of Media (Title TBC)

Session 3: Policy Issues (Chair: Bridgette Wessels)
Maria Sourbati, University of Brighton, UK
Europe’s digital media policy discourses and the problem of the user

Session 4: Theoretical frameworks (Chair/discussant: David Berry,
University of Wales Swansea, UK)

Panagiota Alevizou, LSE, UK
Collective intelligence and the cult of open production: critical
reflections on theory and methodology

Bridgette Wessels, University of Sheffield, UK
On digital cultures as cultural forms: participation, narrative and
infrastructures in achieving digital cultural engagement

Saturday 3rd of November

Theorizing (digital) TV (Chair: Frauke Behrendt)

Fonta Group, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
The theory of swarms in the models of organization of the audio-visual
companies of digital television

Emma Hemmingway, Nottingham Trent University, UK
Actor Network Theory and Media: A new approach to theorising media practice

Panel: The Disappearance of the Digital Distinction?
Panelists: Holger Schulze, Kate O’Riordan, University of Sussex, UK, TBA.

for further information on the programme please email
Hartmann Maren <>
Bassett Caroline <>
O’Riordan Kate <>


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