Almost Perfect and Already Gone

The deadline for Almost Perfect is already gone but it will be interesting to see what projects will be developed at this Banff residency that will bring together, amongst others, pervasive mobile media and audio art.

BNMI Co-production Lab: Almost Perfect

Program dates: November 04, 2007 – December 01, 2007

Application deadline: September 21, 2007

Notification date: September 26, 2007

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  • Almost Perfect is a rapid prototyping lab that explores the creation of pervasive mobile media in the Banff region. With the dedicated support of peer advisors, technicians, and production facilities, participants can develop basic to advanced level prototypes in the areas of locative media, site specific work, telematics, audio art, and responsive environments. This residency will also explore the political and social economic contexts of locative media and the wireless spectrum. Almost Perfect is a joint venture between BNMI and HP Bristol. Prototype development will be realized through the use of GPS enabled HP iPAQs and software developed by HP Research Labs Bristol.

    BNMI Co-Production Lab: Resources & FacilitiesThe BNMI Co-Production Lab Program is facilitated by the resources, staff and faculty of six areas of specialization and focus in the production of new media works. All departments are equipped with up-to-date resources and equipment and facilitated with the expertise of The Banff Centre’s full-time staff and work study participants.

    Please find below a detailed summary of the resources available to artists applying for the BNMI Co-Production Lab. Details of each area are listed below and should be referred to when completing your Resource Request Form.

    Interactive Media

    CEE’s interactive media department is built around a professional programming, animation, and design team with operating system experience in Unix, Linux, Windows, and MacOS environments. We assist in the production of installations, net-based art, and other interactive and digital art pieces. Besides programming solutions in-house, our production team is experienced in all the leading creative production applications from companies such as Alias, Apple, Adobe, and Macromedia. Artists’ projects are hosted on our own Linux web servers, which include multi-format streaming services. The interactive media environment also features a multi-platform computer lab with web access, CD burning, printing, and comprehensive digital imaging support including slide/film scanning, flatbed scanning, image-editing software, and technical support.

    Television and Production

    The Creative Electronic Environment’s (CEE) television production facilities include a fully equipped 2,500 square foot television studio space with a hard wall Chromakey green cyclorama computerized lighting board. Our post-production facilities include an Avid Adrenaline HD, Avid Media Composer 1000 and Avid HD-Xpress. DVD authoring and encoding is done using Spruce Maestro software, duplication is handled with Primera dual DVD burners and printer. The photographic area provides complete support in all areas of photography.


    The Music & Sound recording production facilities include a primary recording/mixing studio with two adjacent recording venues (a 1600 sq. ft. live space and a 450 sq.ft. studio) as well as a post-production studio complete with a narration booth and a server-based sound effects library. The main control room is home to a Euphonix digitally controlled, fully automated, analogue console capable of surround mixing. The principle recorder and editor is a ProTools HD digital audio workstation. Our post-production studio includes a Yamaha digital console and a second ProTools HD workstation. The 200 seat Rolston Recital Hall is used as an additional performance and recording venue and any resulting recording and post-production is carried out in one of two Pyramix audio workstations.
    For more information visit:

    Visualization Lab

    This lab is equipped with a virtual reality passive stereo cave with 5.1 surround sound, and a motion tracking system that detects absolute position and orientation of handheld sensors. All of the components of the cave (projection, sound, sensors) are controlled by a cluster of eight PCs. Virtual environments developed in Maya or 3DX Max can be imported into software such as Virtools or OpenSceneGraph to display in the cave. The lab has copies of Maya Unlimited, Multigen Creator, Matlab, Max/MSP, Adobe, and Macromedia suites. An assortment of wireless and wired sensors can be used to experiment with tangible interfaces and responsive environments.

    Mobile Technology Lab

    This lab brings together facilities for content production, software development, electronics prototyping, and small-scale 3D prototyping. Our test equipment enables out-of studio prototyping and a variety of wireless networking and micro-electronics manufacturing (for small volume), providing a comprehensive ability for the development of rich, mobile experiences.

    Collaboration Lab

    This lab contains a large three-projector display enabling remote and co-location collaboration. With up to four different camera/video inputs, the room can stream video conference feeds over the high speed research network. We use many different software services to allow bridging between multiple types of computer conferencing systems.

    How To Apply


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