Network Landscape Class

Here are the slides:

Exploring Network Landscapes via Sound – talk

for my presentation in Teri Rueb’s class Network Landscapes at RISD

Her class is really interesting:

‘How is landscape understood and shaped by the conditions of mobile network society? As artists and designers we can frame this question in light of the history of landscape representation and design. Landscape architecture, painting and photography, earthworks, land and environmental art come to mind as framing discourses and practices. In today’s technologically-oriented information society, however, the question of landscape cannot be seen outside its relationship to the complex infrastructure of mobile networks, ubiquitous computing, and geo-spatial information systems that increasingly permeate our daily environments.

Landscape and network have intersected in new genres including locative media and collaborative cartography. Social practices including mobile social networking, spatially distributed games, multi-user environments, and software platforms such as Google Earth, Platial and Flickr are all part of the contemporary vernacular landscape. Geo-spatial information systems such as satellite imagery, GPS and remote sensing converge in professional research and design software, further expanding the range of electronic and digital modes of landscape representation. The result is a profound shift in the cultural meaning of landscape and our place as human beings within it, as well as a growing awareness of ecological issues and the global scale of landscape, technology, network and subjectivity.’


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