Sound Crickets in Public Space

‘Concrete Crickets’ by Michael Dory at Conflux

‘Each unit consists of a sound generator, amp, speaker and sensory system, and is housed in camouflage appropriate to the streets of the city — soda cans, cigarette packs, and the like.

This project aims to create, by installing small “crickets” in a small area of city space, a multi-directional audio experience. Each device is programmed with a particular voice, with each being part of a larger whole. When night falls, the crickets go active for a few hours, singing out in their particular way. When approached, the crickets fall silent (as would crickets and cicadas in nature). Each are sensitive to what happens to the others, and the end result will be waves of songs, changing and adapting to their surroundings.’

from here

Lalya Gaye’s 2003 project ‘Tejp’ with ‘Audio Tags’ and “Glitch’ provided a more personalised take on the idea of small, hidden audio devices in public, with some interesting discussion in the ubicomp paper ‘Tejp: Ubiquitous Computing as Expressive Means of Personalising Public Space’ linked on the project page.


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