These headphones make you sway

Save Yourself!!!

The close connection between hearing and the sense of balance, both located in our ears, is the focus of “Save Yourself!!!” by Hideyuki Ando, Junji Watanabe and Tomofumi Yoshida. Mobile technology and headphones are used in an unusual combination to make the participant move, not by dancing or tapping your feet to music, but by disturbing the sense of balance.

There is an English video on the
artist’s Japanese Website

The piece will be shown at the Ars Electronica Centre during the Ars Electronica Festival, 5-11September 2007.

From the Ars Website:

‘Slight stimuli generated by electrodes mounted on a set of headphones cause a disturbance to the part of the inner ear that’s responsible for maintaining balance.The visitor to this installation carries a container of water with an acceleration-sensor-equipped PDA floating on the water’s surface. The level of irritation to the sense of equilibrium is directly dependent on the motion of the water in the container. Slight stimuli can really get the user swinging and swaying!’

This is the artist’s website (with the above picture, site in Japanese).

“Save Yourself!!!” also won an award at the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2006 .

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