audio augmented reality: user perception

Nick Mariette reviews some audio augmented reality projects in one part of his paper

Mariette, N. (2006). Perceptual Evaluation of Spatial Audio for “Audio Nomad” Augmented Reality Artworks. Paper presented at the Engage, Sydney.

The focus of this review is on the user perception evaluation and the following projects are included: Hear&There, Walk in the Wired Woods, LISTEN, The Personal Guidance System (PGS), Tactical Sound Garden.

His forthcoming paper

Mariette, N. (2007). From Backpack to Handheld: The Recent Trajectory of Personal Location Aware Spatial Audio. Paper presented at the Perth Digital Arts Conference (PerthDAC 2007), Perth

looks also interesting.

For both paper see


2 responses to “audio augmented reality: user perception

  1. thanks for the interest!

    I just wanted to correct my name on this blog entry – it’s Nick, not Mick…

    watch out on my publications page for a copy of the paper.

    I believe all the papers from the conference will also be released on the PerthDAC site at some stage:

    There’s also a blog report of all the papers in the conference by Axel Bruns, with a report on my presentation here:

    cheers, Nick

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